Apprenticeship Digital Communication Toolkit for 2023

Introducing our apprenticeship communication toolkit made for you! 

To help you promote construction and manufacturing apprenticeships across your network of employers, we’ve built a stakeholder communication toolkit full of free resources. Our toolkit will provide you with:

  • Marketing messaging you can use across your newsletters, social media and website
  • Eye-catching graphics in a variety of social media formats
  • Trackable links to help us measure employer engagement
Who is this toolkit for?
This toolkit is designed for stakeholder marketing teams. Use it to download and copy from a range of free promotional content resources you can use in your marketing plans.

Guidance on personalising your UTM links

Help us gather insight about how your employers interact with our content and website by personalising the tracking UTM links provided within the toolkit. This allows us to understand what employers want to know more about.

How to personalise your UTM link
To personalise your UTM link you will need to:
  1. Copy the full UTM link you want to use from the Messaging Hub, including underscores
  2. Delete ‘company-name’ from the end of the UTM link and replace this with your own company name (Don’t leave empty spaces in your company name. Add hyphens in the empty spaces. For example, ‘department-for-education’ instead of ‘departmentforeducation’)
  3. Once personalised you can add the UTM link to your marketing content and share with your audience

Here is an example of a normal UTM vs a personalised UTM: 

Normal UTM

Personalised UTM




Download our PDF resource for more information.


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We will be updating our toolkit with content for upcoming events! 

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